Atlas Ply

Atlas Ply is the front runner in offering high quality shuttering plywood and innovative in offering best products. This has lead us to be best customer preferred product in our industry, all of our customers are fully satisfied with the quality and perfection of our products from atlas ply family.

Atlas ply has started operation two decades above in a humble way by acquiring an existing unit and now a known name in the industrial project sector due to its quality and perfection.

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Our Features

  • Uniqueness

    We created a unique positioning to our B2B customers such a way that, There is atlas ply and there are other shuttering plywoods too. This became possible through our extensive research, end to end quality management processes and effect customer management process etc.

  • Quality

    Our customers consider Atlas ply as a synonym for better quality. We have benchmarks and defined processes in each stage of production right from the beginning of procurement, production and inspection processes

  • Innovation

    Even we are smaller player compared to the industry behemoth, we stood in the front row in research and innovation. We try to reinvent every angle of the business in every day, this will help to create better products and happier customers every day

  • Safety

    Safety is our first priority when comes to work at the plant, plant functioning on a preventive hazard mechanism, which will ensure 1005 safer working environment. Our product is 100% safe to consume; raw materials, production processes followed are as per ISO standards.

  • Durability

    Each batch of our products are tested through a series of tests such as density/ moisture content, Heat/ fire / impact resistance, Glue shear strength, adhesion of plies, water resistance, Tensile/ bending/ Compressive strength etc.

  • Team & Service

    We focuses on long term relations, we believe in customer retention rather than instant sales. The entire team is committed to the customers and we focuses a customer need focused approach in all our stratgies









Our Company has been present for over 21 years. We make the best for all !

Atlas Care

We have a dedicated after sales support. We believe our customer deserve better products and services as they are Atlas’s customers. Our support team will always keep our active customer about new products, schemes etc

Quality circle

Atlas have quality circle which works on quality objective on a period, the team consists of multi disciplinary staff, once the objective are accomplished the quality circle team will be moved to new objectives, this will help the atlas more quality focused

Promote less consumption of timber

Plywood and Shuttering ply consumes much less timber as compared to the same natural wood requirement. Also, many different species of timber can be used for making plywood

Giving back to nature

Team Atlas is always keen on nature’s sustainability. All wastes are generated inside our plants are properly processed inside the plants itself as fuel and for other applications. We are not using any non renewable energies inside the factory for our regular operations. Our CSR activities are also focuses on protection of nature